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Tiger in safari
Red-naped black ibis
Spotted Deer
Black Buck
Racket-tailed Drongo
Black Stork
Asian Elephant
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Asiatic Black Bear

Message from the Director

Dear all 

Our world is too vast to see it entirely.

We can spend our life trying and still fail at the end. What we know is that we are not alone. We share this amazing world with a multitude of flora and fauna 

that it is in actuality quite impossible to witness each and every species that thrives alongside us. Especially for we humans, who are much fascinated by these animals. For the same reasons, bengal safari was created with an aim for better human interaction with animals.

In other words, we are an institution that houses various animals, birds and reptiles. They are well protected in a space where they are given proper food and medical care. bearing in mind the animal’s safety we rigorously follow government’s strict guidelines and all is done to ensure their well being. In addition, we also serve as breeding grounds for animals to further protect the continuity of their species.

Bengal Safari was made with a goal to bring wildlife closer to humans. It gives us humans an up-close view of these species. It also allows our many researchers and scholars to better study them.

Furthermore, we are a great source of education and entertainment. Adults or children, none can deny the fascination these elusive animals holds in our hearts, their love and their following is what makes us possible. This in return helps them to learn more about these animals. With the exposure to wildlife provided in a safe environment; we make interactions with animals better than ever before in our region. Spreading knowledge along with aesthetic entertainment we also do our very best to create awareness about the importance of wildlife protection.

Quoting the father of our nation,
“the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

I would like to end on this note.

Thank you
Warm regards

(Dawa Sangmu Sherpa, WBFS)
Director, North Bengal Wild Animals Park
Dated: 19/01/2022

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